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  • Crimped hair can either be a hit or a big, big miss!  We want to assure that you are one hot hit and not one big mess when you go all out with this hair trend look. Try it our way and let us know what you think!

    For a more dramatic look, forget the saying less is more and go all out. Get a full on, ‘crimped out’ look by crimping your entire head. Now, like we said, this is for a dramatic look, so if you are heading out for a special occasion or something of that sort, we suggest you take this route.   Divide your hair into small sections and begin to crimp your hair from the bottom layer up. Once all the layers have been crimped, apply a lightweight hairspray that won’t make your hair hard but keep it put for your special night.

    For a more light, romantic look, sweep back your fringed hair and keep it to hold with a hair or headband.  You can even clip back some sections of your hair loosely behind your ears for a sweet and stylish daytime look.

    Hidden crimping, which is a great way to add volume to your hair without teasing it, which can eventually ruin your hair and hurt you in the long run. Split your hair into two section and divide the bottom layer from the top layer.  Crimp at the root and lighten the crimps at the ends for root volume and a soft finish.  

    Which crimping technique fits your style?

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