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Education: collegeExperience: more than two years
Salary: 5,000-6,000 ¥Recruitment number: 2

Job descriptions:

Job responsibilities:

1. Ensure the effective implementation of orders of Marketing Department and foreign trade department, and strengthen service awareness;

2. Compile, transmit and follow up the procurement contract according to the procurement details; (complete and follow up the work effectively according to the review);

3. Develop the procurement contract and submit it to the supervisor for review;

4. Strictly implement the examination and approval system;

5. Receive and send purchase contracts and collect and file them in the month;

6. Timely track the arrival time and storage of purchased materials, and timely deal with and report any changes;

7. Pay close attention to the market, keep abreast of changes in material prices and control procurement costs;

8. Assisted relevant departments to conduct regular supplier review and investigation, and assisted procurement supervisor to complete procurement work;

On-the-job qualifications:

1. College degree or above;

2. Over 2 years of experience in purchasing cosmetics raw materials;

3. Familiar with the basic knowledge of using raw materials for cosmetics, and understand the market of raw materials for cosmetics

4. Strong communication skills and good business negotiation skills;

5. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility and principle.

Foreign trade merchandiser
Education: collegeExperience: more than 1 years
Salary: negotiableRecruitment number: 5

Job descriptions:

Job responsibilities:

Oral English proficiency, responsible for factory inspection, receiving, loading, loading data and other wage standards of 3,000 yuan + commission, commission negotiable

On-the-job qualifications:

Strong work stability, a strong sense of responsibility work carefully, patient

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