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  • The potential of China's cosmetics market is huge, and both multinational and local companies cannot afford to give up. However, due to the earlier opening of China’s daily chemical industry, from the late 1980s, the two major global chemical giants, P & G and Unilever, entered China. Later, multinational companies such as Avon and L'Oréal also joined the “enclosure movement”. Foreign cosmetics brands have expanded their market share year by year with their strong financial strength, advanced technology and high-level marketing management technology talents, and have firmly occupied the domestic high-end market. According to relevant statistics, the market share of foreign-funded enterprises is close to 90%, and it is still expanding. The domestic cosmetics such as affordable herbal, Herborist, Ou Niya, Nature Hall, Jiaxue, Longliqi, Liushen, Yi, Ding Jiayi and other brands, in addition to a few brands among the domestic market, the vast majority of brands concentrated in the low-end market. In 2003, L'Oreal, a foreign cosmetics predator, successfully acquired the once brilliant nurse of the domestic cosmetics brand. In 2004, it also purchased the only domestic high-end brand Yue-Sai. In 2008, Johnson & Johnson also acquired the banner that raised the national brand. Dabao, the domestic cosmetics brand was pushed to the cliff side by side step by step.

        At the same time, Liu Dongming, a professor of Internet marketing at Peking University’s president, also pointed out that in the face of a growing market share in the domestic cosmetics market, the strategic pattern of foreign cosmetics brands has been quietly changing, in addition to solidifying the domestic high-end cosmetics market that has been occupied, but also at the same time It further extends to low-end and middle-end markets that are mainly domestic brands. In the face of strong foreign cosmetics brands that are far more powerful than domestic cosmetics brands, domestic cosmetics do not advance, but do not counterattack will be beaten or even perish. However, how can counterattack be able to accurately and effectively crack down on foreign cosmetics brands, occupy more market share, establish national brands, and look at Liu Dongming, an online marketing expert of the president of Peking University, to analyze the ways of local cosmetics online marketing.

        First, product homogenization

        Following it is correct, following can save “market education costs”, but if you follow it blindly, you will establish a strong competitor invisible. Product homogeneity will bring direct competition between the terminal and the channel, and the final battle is the price war. The gross profit margins of all aspects of product circulation are reduced, the original profit-sharing system must be disrupted, and product marketing will enter a vicious cycle.

        The solution: Liu Dongming, president of the Peking University Internet Marketing Group, pointed out that the differentiated positioning should be precise, not only the core advantages of its own products but also the positioning area of the competing brands, but also to meet the individual needs of the target consumers. Give full play to its strengths and seize the Blue Ocean market. For example, Eunya, who has been eager to be acclaimed recently with "Men Gang," is a brand experience centered on the value-creation of consumers. Through profit-taking consumers, consumers are attracted to come to understand the brand of "Eonia". , and further deepening to "experienced sales", allowing consumers to first try out and experience "Oonia" products, and further transfer the "pearl's, natural, and green" product differentiation features to consumers, complete with consumers. The interaction then facilitates the purchase of the consumer. It is through this promotion from the “brand experience” to “experience sales” that the “Ounia” products can be quickly opened up after entering the market.

        At the same time, this promotion idea of “Oonia” is based on the full transmission of brand features, product features, and beauty concepts to consumers, coupled with good product quality, which will enable consumers to After purchasing the trial, it is easy to feel the brand value of “Orneja” and then increase the consumers’ loyalty to the brand, making it possible to reuse and repeat purchases. In Hainan and Liaoning, “Oonia” is precisely because of adopting such promotion and marketing methods. From the blank of a few years ago to the current sales volume of more than 20 million, even in an extremely competitive market like Shenzhen, “Europe "Niya" can also quickly exceed 10 million in sales in just three years, becoming one of the brands with the highest share of national cosmetics in the Shenzhen market.

        Brand marketing, in the final analysis, must be implemented into the product itself. Both Orneal and Hewlett-Packard have been continuously strengthening and magnifying the uniqueness and diversity of their products, both on the Internet and offline marketing. Their unique cultural basis of pearl skin care and the Chinese skin care culture are two brands that distinguish them from any European, American, Japanese or Japanese. The innate advantages of Korean brands. In the local cosmetics brands that have made a formidable effort to imitate foreign brands, misappropriate foreign concepts, and copycat cultures, brands such as Herborist, Oniya, and BenQ Herb are truly emboldened, competitive, and sustainable. These brands rely on a good overall positioning to avoid the risk of product homogeneity for the first time, and have a unique resource that leads the network and offline marketing. In early December, Shanghai Jahwa's twin sisters Yu Yungshuang and Ou Niya's pearl powder won the annual Beauty Awards held by Phoenix Fashion Network. The rest of the more than 30 awards were divided by foreign brands. Sister and Inelia are the only Chinese national brands that have successfully broken through the traditional channels.

        Second, marketing imitation

        Price wars, sales promotion campaigns, advertising campaigns, and human naval battles have only seen high costs and failed to meet the deadline. Any tactic must act according to the strategy, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and demonstrate the value of the product. The result of marketing blindly imitating is injury.

        The solution: Traditional branding will undoubtedly require large-scale capital investment by enterprises, and celebrity endorsements for television advertisements and magazine advertisements are costly. Compared with well-funded foreign cosmetics brands, the vast majority of domestic cosmetics brands are shy, and the confrontation is clearly not an opponent. How to find out less expensive and accurate and effective means of communication is the most important issue to be considered.

        Liu Dongming, a class marketing expert at Peking University’s president, said that with the popularity of computers and the Internet, most consumers have developed the habit of surfing the Internet. According to survey data, 77% of Internet users will refer to product reviews written by others online before purchasing online products. With the rise of social networking power, the active involvement, replication, and dissemination of users in the online community has made its brand influence a snowball, and it has grown bigger and bigger on the mainland of the Internet of information and communication. Whether you are a consumer or a business, you are likely to influence others through your "voice". Companies that are good at taking advantage of the changing social and new media will gain the opportunity to spread in the future and achieve accurate marketing at a low cost.

        Nowadays, the domestic cosmetics brands that are highly regarded by the market have adopted the strategy of online community word-of-mouth marketing. With the help of the Internet community marketing new media, they have launched a marketing strategy that meets the needs of the precise group psychology and uses the characteristics of rapid network dissemination to achieve The low-cost wide spread effect establishes a relatively wide range of popularity and reputation.

        Third, weak channel competition

        The relationship between brand dealers and channel distributors is mostly trading relationship. There is no long-term cooperation relationship. The cooperation ties between the two parties are limited to benefits. Therefore, once more interests emerge, the cooperation relationship between the two parties will be directly affected. At the same time, the status of the channels is often mixed and chaotic, which not only can not promote the promotion of the brand value, but also constrain the development of the brand, increasing the difficulty of marketing management and the waste of management resources. In addition to only a few domestic brands, we can only see Lancome, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shiseido, Chanel, CD, Avon, Goss, Olay, etc. in the department stores in major domestic first-tier cities. High-end brands can hardly find the shadow of local brands. Foreign cosmetics brands rely on their own strong capital strength, advanced technology and marketing concepts, and have firmly occupied department stores, franchised stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, supermarkets (shops), drugstores, and beauty agencies in first-tier cities. And other cosmetic consumption places. Domestic brands with limited funds and relatively low brand awareness can only be overwhelmed by the department store counters with high barriers to entry.

        The solution: With the arrival of the E-age of the Internet, the online sales platform has become an important platform for enterprise development. How to build and use it is an in-depth knowledge and reflection. This means that the market's commercial value is outstanding and outstanding. The key is the use and operation of the business model of cosmetics shops. Even if there are better resources, it will not be used. It is a white talk. It is necessary to take full advantage of internal and external resources from the reality of the market, and proceed from the store’s own strategic positioning, such as store positioning, brand strategy, price, consumer groups, promotion strategies, etc., which are truly integrated with online sales. The most important way for the platform.

        Liu Dongming, an Internet marketing expert at Peking University’s president class, points out that the combination of traditional channels and online sales platforms is the key to using combined sales to achieve certain sales volume and market share, including five major aspects:

        First, make full use of the Internet platform to build network channels for promotion and promotion (integrated use of resources)

        Second, combine traditional retail storefronts and online B2C malls to synchronize (integrated with actual development channels)

        Third, online platform theme event promotion, professional service and guidance (novel marketing strategy)

        Fourth, the product features a reasonable brand structure and reasonable sales price (scientific and reasonable market positioning)

        Fifth, network membership points, regular gift delivery (such as birthday, number of points, activity purchase amount)

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