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  • Cosmetics and skin care products are necessary for female passengers when travelling, but because some passengers do not know that the volume of liquids and gelatinous containers that can be carried when boarding a plane cannot exceed 100 ML, many people are in a dilemma when passing security. , China Southern Airlines Guizhou company staff to remind female passengers to pay attention, the best way to take the aircraft when "boarding" boarding.

    It is understood that carrying large quantities of cosmetics with them is a habit of many female passengers when they go out. However, many people do not know that due to the particularity of the aircraft, passengers can carry their own cosmetics, but with the liquid The size of the colloidal containers must not exceed 100 ML, and they should be placed in separate bags and open bottles should be checked. In this regard, the airline’s staff advises that it is best to carry small-sized “samples” when boarding an aircraft. Machine, it is convenient and safe.

    China Southern’s Guizhou company staff also stated that more and more travelers are now traveling with their children. If there are babies accompanying babies, there are two ways to solve the problem of children’s hunger. One is to purchase tickets in the airline. The company applied for an airline to provide liquid milk products on the aircraft free of charge. The other method was to prepare milk powder and milk bottles in advance. After passing the security check, it was brewed with boiling water in the waiting hall.

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