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  • Moisturizing will make your skin brighter and more lustrous. The advertisements of cosmetics that are flying around in various media are exciting. As one of the four basic projects of skin care (anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening), some people even claim : In the 21st century, moisturizing has become a necessity. Moisturizing may not be unfamiliar to you who wish to have beautiful skin shine, but how much do you know about moisturizing? Perhaps you are overwhelmed with a variety of moisturizing skin care products; perhaps you have used a lot of moisturizing cosmetics that make the skin brighter, more glossy and elastic based on advertisements, but there is no effect as you imagine. Why? ?

    Why does the skin moisturize

    Let us start with the physiological functions of the skin. The skin is divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, and due to the water absorption and barrier function of the stratum corneum itself, and the natural moisturizing factors contained in the stratum corneum, that is, amino acids, lactate, and carbohydrates, the stratum corneum is kept in a certain degree. The amount of water keeps the skin moist. The appearance of the skin is related to the moisture content of the stratum corneum. The normal skin stratum corneum usually contains 10% to 30% of water to maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin. However, as the age increases, the moisture content of the skin's stratum corneum will gradually decrease, and when the skin's moisture content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will appear dry, tight, rough and desquamation.

    What are the causes of skin moisture loss, resulting in dry skin and loss of luster? In general, the internal and external conditions that cause the skin to lose its natural moisturizing structure are:

    1 With aging, skin aging, its moisturizing effect and barrier function gradually weakened, natural moisturizing factor content decreased;

    2 dry cold climate, low humidity, such as autumn and winter;

    3 certain skin lesions, such as psoriasis, ichthyosis, etc.;

    4 environmental and chemical factors, such as detergents, soaps, detergents and other organic solvents such as alcohol, as well as long-term air-conditioning environment;

    5 eating and sleeping habits, such as partial eclipse, drinking water, insomnia, etc.; 6 dry skin. It can be seen that because the skin is in direct contact with the external environment at all times, if it is not protected, there will be water shortages more or less directly affecting the appearance of the skin. At this time, in addition to ensuring a normal and healthy diet to ensure the supplementation of protein and vitamins, as well as to avoid the influence of adverse external factors and actively treat skin disorders, it is also necessary to use suitable moisturizing cosmetics according to needs.

    What is moisturizing cosmetics?

    The so-called moisturizing cosmetics, is the cosmetics which contains moisturizing ingredients, can maintain a certain amount of moisture in the skin stratum corneum, in order to restore the skin's luster and elasticity. Moisturizing cosmetics according to its characteristics are: one is the use of water in the skin surface can be combined with strong water retention substances, moisturizing the stratum corneum, known as moisturizer, commonly used moisturizing ingredients are: glycerin, urea, amino acids, lactic acid, etc.; One is the use of water-insoluble substances to form a layer of lubricating film on the surface of the skin, which acts as a barrier to prevent loss of water, so that the cuticle maintains a certain amount of moisture, called emollients or conditioners. Commonly used are: petrolatum and include Various fats, oils, and waxes such as lanolin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and wax esters; the last is a deep moisturizer whose mechanism of action is through infiltration into the skin's epidermis or even in the dermis, through a series of biological effects. Ultimately, the water absorption capacity and barrier function of the stratum corneum are maintained and strengthened, and the water content of the stratum corneum of the skin is maintained. The commonly used moisturizing ingredients include unsaturated linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, and various vitamins.

    Who can not use moisturizing cosmetics

    In fact, not all people need to use moisturizing cosmetics. The following conditions may not be necessary: First, children and young children, because the skin contains a lot of natural moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum, skin moisture content in the stratum corneum up to 30%, and children's skin itself On the thin, can not withstand the chemical stimulation, and sometimes use but rather counterproductive, of course, if suffering from atopic dermatitis or in winter and autumn, can be properly used; Second, neutral, oily skin of young people, due to sebaceous glands, sweat glands Developed, the secretion is also strong, in the spring and summer season, the skin contains more water in the stratum corneum, you can not use; Third, those who are suffering from acute dermatitis is best not to use.

    Of course, moisturizing cosmetics have different moisturizing ingredients, different formulas and different concentrations, and the effects of moisturizing are also different. Some may not have moisturizing effects, and even become dry after the skin is used. In fact, as some effective moisturizers, the contact with the skin at high concentrations can cause the skin to become dehydrated and dry. Some people think that excessive moisturizers will absorb water from the stratum corneum of the skin and be distributed in the atmosphere with low relative humidity. Especially in winter.

    How to choose moisturizing cosmetics

    I remember that a lady who claimed to be named Yang was full of “red light”, carrying a bag of cosmetics in her hand and complaining to the clinic. She spent a few hundred dollars and bought a set of oily moisturizing skin care products at the big shopping mall. Moisturizing cleansing milk, moisturizing cream, moisturizing hand cream, etc., I wanted to be young and young, but after using it for a period of time, not only did I have no moisturizing, but the skin became more dry, red, and acne-prone. In our cosmetic dermatology clinic, patients like Miss Yang are not uncommon. What is the reason that caused Miss Yang to use moisturizing cosmetics? Originally, Ms. Yang's own skin was oily. She had no dry facial skin. She only used a skin care product before she began to feel dry and tight on her face. She took it for granted that her skin was dry. So when you bought a better set of branded goods, the problem came up. We believe:

    1 Miss Yang's face is dry and tight, not because of lack of water, but because of her inappropriate cosmetics.

    2 Because the skin is already in a sensitive state, when using a series of moisturizing skin care products, the burden on the skin becomes more serious;

    3 choice of moisturizing cosmetic agent type is not appropriate, originally oily skin, but also buy oily moisturizing cosmetics to use, resulting in poor secretion of facial sebum secretion, resulting in sebaceous plug and long acne.

    In order to avoid the above situation and make the moisturizer achieve better results, when choosing a moisturizing cosmetic, it is necessary to make the difference because the environment varies from season to season because of work. Do not follow the advertisement and buy it. Oily moisturizing cosmetics can be applied to young children and children with dry skin in autumn and winter, elderly people, and young people with dry and neutral skin. It is also suitable for professionals who often come into contact with chemical and organic solvent substances, as well as long-term air conditioning. The working population; and water-based moisturizing cosmetics are more suitable for workers in spring and summer and in polluted environments. Of course, the appearance, color, and fragrance of moisturizing cosmetics are also in line with their own preference. They have better feel, no greasy and sticky feeling, and they must be noted for their effective period and whether they have their own allergic ingredients. In addition, the principles of general cosmetic use that have been described in the previous periods must also be followed during use.

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